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The Best Supplements to Help You Lose Weight

By 27th July 2016Lose Weight
The best supplements to help you lose weight

Which Supplements for Losing Weight?

Want to get shredded and reveal a leaner body? Forget fancy fads: these are the basic supplements which can really help.

Getting shredded, ripped, or cut are all ways of saying the same thing. They all mean being leaner. This means dropping body fat to reveal more detail in your muscle and better shape to your physique. The key to a successful shred is losing body fat without sacrificing muscle mass. It can be done with the right approach to diet, cardio, training, and supplements. Please don’t waste your money on fly-by-night fat loss fads. Stick to the basic, trusted supplements which can help you get leaner.

Whey Protein & Diet Protein

It’s important to eat enough protein when you want to lose weight. Protein is a low-calorie macronutrient (4 calories per gram) and helps you feel full. It also supports muscle, which will help your body hang on to shapely lean mass as you lose body weight. The result? You’ll find it easier to stick to your diet, and you’ll shred down to reveal a strong, shapely physique. Choose the right whey protein for weight loss by checking the label. Go for a pure whey or a whey isolate with no added carbohydrates or fats. Look for around 20g protein per serving, with minimal carbs and fats. Some carbohydrate and fat is inevitable, because whey is a dairy product. But you can choose a whey protein with 1-2g carbs and fats per serving. If you struggle with a sweet tooth when dieting, choose a delicious flavour (we stock some of the latest incredible flavours of diet whey).

If you are looking for a Diet Whey product, choose whey protein with low carbohydrate and low fats, and added diet-friendly ingredients like green tea, fibre and l-carnitine. These extras can help give you the edge to win at weight loss.

Caffeine supplements

When you’re dieting down to lose body fat, you will experience energy slumps. It’s only natural. Give your body a boost by using a safe, natural caffeine supplement. These can help you tackle your toughest training session. Check the label for caffeine content if you’ve had other caffeine products that day. Don’t forget: caffeine is in tea, coffee, dark chocolate, energy drinks, and some fizzy drinks.

Green tea supplements

Green tea is a great healthy supplement for weight loss. It has been shown to have anti-oxidant qualities. And many people find it useful to calm a hungry appetite. If you don’t enjoy the taste of green tea drinks, or want a higher dose (without drinking dozens of cups!) then use a green tea capsule supplement.  The powder is bitter, so capsules are the best way to take this supplement.

Thermogenic Supplements

These are often called fat burners, but we think that’s a bit misleading. We prefer to call them thermogenics. Natural thermogenic supplements contain ingredients which help your body burn more energy. They don’t actually burn fat themselves, but they help you to. They also give you an energy boost, so you will be more active and train harder. If you need a boost on your fat loss diet, a thermogenic (or fat burner) could give you the edge.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workouts are similar to thermogenics. They contain energy-boosting ingredients which give you a boost so you can workout harder. Pre-workouts can be RTD (ready to drink) options, or powders which you mix with water. Choose a pre-workout with safe, natural ingredients (like our range here). And remember not to use it if you are training in the evening! The caffeine and stimulant ingredients might keep you awake.

Vitamin D

This might not be one of the weight loss supplements you expected us to recommend. But research suggests that supplementing with vitamin D can help your body composition. Our bodies can not make vitamin D unless we get enough exposure to bright sunlight. So it is a good idea to supplement with it if we spend a lot of time inside, or if the weather is gloomy. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in immune function, bone health, and muscle function. If your goal is a healthy, lean body, it makes good sense to supplement. Choose a vitamin D3 supplement which gives you 5,000 iu every day.

The 8 Fundamentals Of Fat Loss

Make sure you’ve got these key habits in place before you worry about supplements!

  1. Calorie balance: fat loss depends on a calorie deficit. Calories in vs calories out is the basis of losing weight. Be sure you know how many calories your body burns by working out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and TDEE (total daily expenditure). Then eat in a way that builds in a small deficit every day. Small changes done consistently are better than big sudden changes you can stick to.
  2. Nutrition: fuel your body with good food, and quality protein supplements. Don’t try to starve yourself into weight loss. A small calorie deficit is all you need. Choose nutritional whole foods which will fill you up and give you more bang for your buck. Eat what you enjoy so your diet is more sustainable.
  3. Lifting weights: add resistance training and strength training to your workout regime. Weights training will burn calories, and shape your body so you create the physique you want.
  4. Cardio: some cardiovascular work will help you to lose weight. Choose cardio you enjoy, rather than thinking you must use the treadmill, or go running. Even walking counts. Do cardio that fits your lifestyle and will still be enjoyable in a a few months time. Work up a sweat and burn some calories.
  5. Activity levels: daily activity is even more important than your workouts and exercise sessions. Keep as active as you can in daily life. Every step and movement matters.
  6. Stress management: minimising stress will help you lose weight. Stress affects our fat loss hormones, and can make it more difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. It can lead to emotional eating or food cravings. Learn to control stress and your body will be happier to lose weight.
  7. Water: stay well hydrated with plenty of water, BCAA drinks, non-caffeinated beverages. Include foods with a high water content. Hydration helps digestion and fat loss.
  8. Sleep: the final piece of the weight loss puzzle is sleep. Get good quality sleep every night and you will find it easier to choose healthy foods, and manage food cravings. And you’ll have more energy for strong workouts.

And then there’s supplements of course! We can definitely help with that bit of the weight loss puzzle. Check out our lean body, weight loss supplements here.

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