Weight Loss & Fat Burners

Fat burners and weight loss supplements are commonly referred to as thermogenics. Thermogenesis is a process of converting calories into the heat (energy) essential for body homeostasis, that is, thermoregulation (maintaining body temperature within certain boundaries), as well as maintaining healthy metabolism and regulating bodyweight.[1]

The idea behind thermogenic nutrients is to boost body metabolism so that you can naturally burn more calories. This speeding up of metabolism results in a rise in core body temperature.

Thermogenic supplements typically contain a variety of ingredients to promote a fat-burning environment. Some supplements contain stimulants, whilst others are stimulant free.

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[1] Stohs, S. and Badmaev, V. (2016) ‘A Review of Natural Stimulant and Non-Stimulant Thermogenic Agents’, Phytotherapy Research, 30(5), 732-740.