Creatine is made up of 3 amino acids and these are: arginine, glycine and methionine. It can boost muscle mass, increase strength levels, reduce fatigue and recovery times post exercise.

Creatine works in a number of different ways and these are as follows:

  • It works primarily on the fast twitch muscle fibres giving them an immediate energy supply and this ensures that you can work at higher intensities for longer durations when lifting
  • This increases the lifters creatine storage capacity and this facilitates an increase in maximal power output, muscular strength, it reduces time to fatigue and recovery times in between sets.
  • It pulls water into the muscle cells and mechanism increases the cell’s volumization and its overall size
  • It increases the anabolic hormone IGF-1 which is an important element in building muscle mass
  • It decreases muscle cell damage and inflammation caused by the stress of lifting.

There are various forms of creatine, which you can filter for on the left menu.

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