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Building Mass with the Help of These Supplements

By 7th December 2016Build Mass
Supplements to help build mass

Which Supplements for Bulking-Up?

Support your bulking phase with quality supplements which help you pack on mass. And don’t waste money on the list at the end of this article!

When you want to add serious mass, it’s important to get the basics right. Train hard, eat well, and choose supplements which will support your muscle-gain journey. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary supplements. Choose the ones which will help you reach your goals (and save more cash for healthy bulking foods!)

Protein Supplements for Building Mass

Your body needs plenty of protein if you want to add muscle mass. Once you have worked out your macronutrient requirements, be sure to hit your protein numbers. Use a combination of whole foods sources, regular meals, and snacks. Protein supplements come in useful when you are on a mass gain bulking diet.

Mass Gainers

Mass gainer protein supplements are an all-in-one protein shake with carbs and healthy fats. They are useful for building mass because they are high in calories and have a precise macronutrient ratio designed to support muscle gain. You will need to eat a lot of calories on your mass-gain phase. But this can be difficult (and inconvenient) to do through whole food meals alone. Mass gainer shakes help you get the calories in quickly, easily, and without all the food prep.

Choose a mass gainer that gives you the calories, protein, carbs, and fats you need per scoop or per serving. Avoid cheap fillers. Look for quality protein sources (whey protein, or a blend of protein sources for a slower release of amino acids). The carbohydrates can come from oats, Virago, or maltodextrin. Some mass gainers use specific sport-supplement carbohydrates designed for easy digestion. The fat content of your mass gainer should be low, and focused around healthy fats like MCTs.

Non-Diet Whey Protein

Now is not the time to choose a low calorie diet whey. If you want to make your own muscle-gain shakes, or if you only want the occasional protein drink, choose a basic whey. Avoid diet ingredients like green tea and l-carnitine. Always have at least one tub of whey protein in your supplement cupboard. You can drink it during the day to keep protein levels high, or add it to porridge (proats are a great bulking meal).

Our favourite basic homemade mass gain shake:

  • 50g whey protein
  • 200ml milk
  • 1 banana
  • 30g fine milled oats
  • 100g frozen berries
  • 20g nut butter or 20g coconut chips
  • Ice cubes

Blend and enjoy!

Casein Protein

Casein is a slower-release protein than whey, and is ideal for night-time snacks. It makes a creamy, thick protein pudding treat, and is a good addition to smoothies and proats. Choose casein protein by quality and flavour. If you get hungry overnight, have a serving of casein just before bed.

Protein bars

Have some fun with your bulking diet! When you need the extra calories, why not enjoy tasty protein bars? There are so many protein bars, protein flapjacks, and protein cookies on the market now. Your only challenge will be choosing a flavour and finding one which suits your macros best. Take a look at our range of protein bars and treats.

Carbohydrate Supplements for Adding Mass

Most of your carbohydrates will come from whole foods. But every bulking bodybuilder will have oats, oatbran, or oatmeal in the cupboard. Fine, milled oats can be added to protein shakes (they don’t need to be cooked) for a home-made mass gainer shake. Regular oats or rolled oats are great for breakfast or night-time macro-capper meals. Some people prefer oatbran for the volume and texture. You could also stock up on Vitargo or maltodextrin to create your own fast-digesting post-workout shake.

Fat Supplements for Muscle Mass

You should keep a lid on fat intake even when you are in a muscle gain phase. But you will definitely have more room to eat extra fats whilst you are bulking. The best fats for muscle gain are whole food sources (who wants to waste their fat macros on a supplement!) Choose nut butters, and coconut products (like coconut chips) which are high in MCT fats. Go for higher-fat versions of protein bars and protein flapjacks.

Gym Supplements for Muscle Mass

The most popular supplement for muscle mass is creatine. It’s been well-researched and has a host of benefits when your goal is muscle mass, size, and power. Creatine boosts training power and endurance, and draws water in to muscle cells to help natural cell swelling which can give you a great pump. There’s no need to get fancy with creatine. A simple creatine monohydrate, or Creapure supplement, will do the job. Take it daily and enjoy the extra strength, recovery, and size.

Gym Supplements You Don’t Need For Mass Gain

Now is not the time to be taking:

  • Fat burners
  • Extra caffeine from supplements
  • Diet whey
  • Low-carb protein bars
  • Fibre supplements like psyllium

Need to stock up on gym supplements for your mass gain phase? Take a look here.

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